Event info

Programme and time schedules:

Time trial Friday, 22.7.2022

9:00 Competition office opens

11:15 Team leader and competitor info in the event centre

12:00 First start

Prize giving ceremony as soon as results are ready.

Gran Fondo, Medio Fondo and Royal Pyöräily– Saturday 23.7.2022

7:00 Competition office opens

8:45 Team leader and competitor info for Medio Fondo and Royal Pyöräily in the event centre

9:30 Start 1: Medio Fondo (100km) in age groups (W 50+/M60+) and Royal Pyöräily in speed groups

9:45 Team leader and competitor info for Gran Fondo and Royal Pyöräily in the event centre

10:30 Start 2: Gran Fondo (145km) in age groups (19-59 yrs)

12:00 Medio Fondo winners and fastest Royal Pyöräily cyclists in the finish

13:45  Gran Fondo winners in the finish

Prize giving ceremony as soon as results are ready.

17:00 Finish closes 6,5 hours after last starters.

On Friday start order will be from younger to older. First men, then women. On Saturday, starts will be divided into smaller age groups and Royal Pyöräily hobby group will start last. The first 4,6km will be lead by a car (25km/h), free ride starts when arriving to road 24 and will be shown with flags.

Event centre/registration/competitor information
The event centre for Tour Lakeland is Sibelius Hall. Competitor registration, guarded storages, bathrooms and a water point are found in Sibelius Hall. Address: Ankkurikatu 7, 15140 Lahti, Finland

Thursday 21 July from 4 to 7 p.m.
Friday 22 July from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday 23 July from 7 to 10:30 a.m.

In connection with individual registrations, the number must be picked up by showing the cycling licence, original valid identity card (identity card, passport or driver’s licence) and providing a copy of a medical certificate or signed.

Copies of identity cards or other proof of identity are not accepted.

A third party cannot take care of registration on behalf of another.

Those without a valid licence may buy one in Suomi Sport -service if they are members of a Finnish cycling club. In Royal Pyöräily -hobby class there is no need for licence.

The race number is absolutely personal and giving it to another person is prohibited.

Moreover, altering the race numbers is prohibited.

Medical certificate
A medical certificate will not be required, but all riders need to sign a health certificate upon registration. The participant attests to (and signs) the fact that he/she is in perfect health and fit for the physical effort required for such a cycling race.

Service points
There are two service points for 100km and 145km races along the route and an additional water service if the weather is hot. The first service point is in the resting area behind the Karisalmi bridge, approximately 44 km from the start.

An extra service point will be near Kalkkinen if the weather is hot.

The second service point is in the end of Kopsuontie, approximately 30 km from the finish. All service points must be entered riding slowly.

The service points provide water, sports drinks, nutritional snacks and bathrooms.

The first sign of an approaching service point will be posted five (5) kilometres before the service point.

Competitors’ own vehicles are prohibited.

Showers and dressing rooms
Showers and dressing rooms are in Lahti Sports centre, 1,2 kms from Sibelius Hall: Salpausselänkatu 8, 15100 Lahti.

Dressing rooms are open Fri 22.7.2022 from 10 am to 5 pm. Saturday 23.7. 8 am to 8 pm. There are signs on the doors. There are no showers in  the competition centre.


Free parking  is available for competitors on the gravel parking place in front of Sibelius Hall. The entry to parking lot is only possible from North-East along Ankkurikatu.

Note! On Friday competitors are allowed to come to Sibelius Hall parking lot only till 11:30 am before the competition starts. During competition, leaving from the Sibelius Hall parking lot is not allowed.

On Saturday, cars are not allowed to come to the parking area during starts 9:30 am and 10:30am. Leaving the parking lot can be done when traffic controllers allow it.

There are more free parking lots in the Sports Centre (showers and dressing rooms are there): Salpausselänkatu 8, 15100 Lahti. There are also free parking lots near lake Pikku-Vesijärvi in the end of Kariniementie as well as on Ståhlberginkatu between Sports Centre and lake Pikku-Vesijärvi.

The event venue is the Lahti Harbour area, and the Lahti Sibelius Hall functions as the race centre.

Look up the route: Matkustajasatama, Lahti

Bus connection
Bus line 3 goes to Sibelius Hall via Kauppatori market square–Ruoriniemi (stop D on the northern side of the marketplace, on Vapaudenkatu’s side). Bus line 3 travels from the Travel Centre to Sibelius Hall. You can check the bus timetable on the Lahden Seudun Liikenne website.

Lahti taxi
Taxis provide smooth service in our city. There is a taxi stand in front of Sibelius Hall. You can book a taxi in advance by calling +358 (0)601 10001 or using the Book a taxi and Valopilkku mobile apps. No surcharge for advance bookings. The phone number for Lahden Aluetaksi taxi call centre is +358 (0)3 821 9808. For further information, please visit www.lahdenaluetaksi.fi

Other public transport inside Lahti

There are e-bikes available in Lahti City area:  https://kaupunkipyorat.lahti.fi/ 

Storage of other items
There is a guarded cloakroom in Sibelius Hall.

First aid services
There is a first aid point in the immediate vicinity of the start and finish area. There will be qualified personnel in charge of first aid along the route. Ambulances will follow the riders.

Bicycle maintenance
Bicycle maintenance will be provided by Lahden Polkupyörähuolto. On Friday 22 July, Lahden Polkupyörähuolto will see customers in its shop. They have a car for picking up a bicycle to be serviced to take it to the shop. On Saturday, there will be a maintenance point in the start and finish area. The service points along the route will have facilities for minor servicing, as will the vehicles following the riders.

The event will be photographed, and the photographs will be used for Tour Lakeland’s marketing. If the photographs feature close-ups of the competitors, we aim to find out the competitor’s identity and request their permission for using the photograph.

Lost and found
Lost and found items will be taken to the information point at the Sibelius Hall race centre, from where they can be picked up during the service hours of the race centre. After the event, you can enquire about lost and found items from the Lahti Events office, tourlakeland@lahtievents.fi. Items will be stored for 1 month, after which they will be taken to the Lahti lost and found office.