Is UCI Gran Fondo Tour Lakeland a race?
The UCI Gran Fondo combines racing and fitness. The UCI Gran Fondo World Series concept is focusing on both very competitive riders who either just miss the skills and talent to become a Pro Elite rider or who still want to compete at a high level at a later age, but also to fun riders who like to keep fit and finish the event.

Can anyone attend the event?
The event is open to anyone over the age of 18.

Is a license required when participating?
To take part in UCI Tour Lakeland, you must have a FULL Race license from your National Governing Body.

If you participate in hobby series, no lisence will be required, but we recommend to take a daily licence. A daily license for the event can be purchased for 15 euros upon registration.

Do I need a medical certificate?
A medical certificate will not be required, but all riders need to sign a health certificate upon registration. The participant attests to (and signs) the fact that he/she is in perfect health and fit for the physical effort required for such a cycling race.

What kind of bike do you need to participate in and what kind of equipment is required?
This is a road cycling event where it is recommended to ride a road bike. Additional bars or triathlon bikes are prohibited in a road cycling race. The wheel must have active brakes. The cyclist must wear a helmet and riding clothing.

When will the routes be published?
The routes will be published during the spring. They are ready, but the final adjustments will be done together with the authorities. The routes offer a piece of the most amazing Finnish nature and landscape. The Gran Fondo route is 145 kilometers and the Medio Fondo route is 100 kilometers long.

Spots for the World Cup will be distributed at the event. How are the World Cup spots distributed?
The top 25 % from each age group will get a spot at the World Championships. More detailed information on routes of different age series will be published on the website.

Can a larger group participate in the event?
You can also participate in the event as a team, for example with a team from your workplace. If you are assembling a larger team, you can contact the organizer by e-mail: tourlakeland@lahtievents.fi

At what pace must the event be ridden through?
Participants in the event are expected to complete the route at an average speed of at least approx. 22 km / h.

Where are the start and finish areas of the event located?
The competition center is located at Sibelius Hall, Lahti Harbor. Satamakatu serves as the starting and finishing line for the event, and the magnificent setting of Sibelius Hall enables a comprehensive experience.

Which distance riders need to do to qualify for the 2021 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships?
Men 19-59 and women 19-49 qualify in the long distance (Gran Fondo). Men 60+ and women 50+ qualify in the short distance (Medio Fondo).