General info

Lahti Events Ltd. is organizing the UCI Gran Fondo World Series road cycling competition in Lahti on July 23-24, 2021. The name of the competition is Tour Lakeland.

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series (formerly the UCI World Cycling Tour) is the UCI (International Cycling Federation) competition series with 29 events around the world. This is the first UCI competition in Finland.

The program of the Tour Lakeland event includes road cycling and time trial. The event center is located in Lahti Sibelius Hall, and the Lahti Sports and Exhibition Center area.

The competition routes are approximately 100 kilometers and 145 kilometers long. The distance in time trial is 29 km.

The participants mainly consist of so-called masters-competitors. Both purposeful cyclists and fitness enthusiasts take part in the event.

The first 25 % of athletes in each age group will be qualified for the UCI Grand Fondo World Championship. Men from age 19 to 59 and women from age 19 to 49 have to take a longer trip (Gran Fondo) to redeem the World Cup spot. Men aged 60+ and women aged 50+ must take part in a shorter trip (Medio Fondo).

The Time Trial counts as qualifier event for the UCI Time Trial World Championships during the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in October in Bosnia.

Riders thus have to qualify separately in the Time Trial and Gran Fondo/ Medio Fondo when they want to do both disciplines.  You can also qualify for one discipline and only do that.

In addition to the competitive aspect, the Gran Fondo series also aims to encourage global “Cycling for All” oriented thinking. This means participation is possible to the goal-oriented fitness enthusiasts as well as the “Win yourself” spirited cyclists.

Border traffic to Finland

A person who has a certificate for a negative test result, a vaccination certificate, and a medical certificate for Covid-19 that the person has had less than six months earlier can entry into Finland for leisure purposes.

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