Finland - Land of a Thousand Lakes

Finland has over 188,000 lakes and around 180,000 islands. Lakeland Finland is a blue labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, interspersed with forests and ridges, stretching for hundreds of kilometres in a placid and staggeringly beautiful expanse.

There is no scenery more Finnish than a summer cottage by the lake surrounded by emerald green forest. Over 90% of Finland is covered in either forest or water. Nature is a huge part our identity, and a significant source of wellbeing for millions of Finns. It is also something we treasure: Finland has the cleanest water in the world.

Our special recommendation for cycling holidays is to try the iconic Finnish triad of cottage, sauna and water. Take a week or two cycling around the beautiful lakes of Lahti region. You can find information about the beautiful cycling tours and also other activities near Lahti here on Visit Lahti webpage.

Popular Hollola cycling tour offers countryside and beautiful lakeland sceneries. C: Visit Lahti

Useful Information

Capital city: Helsinki
Currency: Euro (symbol: €, code: EUR)
Electric plug type: C & F

Important telephone numbers:
Emergency services: 112


The Lahti region offers high-quality and easily accessible accommodation options, from which everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves. There is a comprehensive range of hotels, cottages and hostels, as well as campsites. You can find accommodation options on Visit Lahti’s official website at

There is limited hotel room capacity in Lahti and surroundings and we advice you to book your accommodation as soon as possible after registration to guarantee your accommodation.


Airport: Helsinki Airport

Tourist boards:

Local transport:

Language: Finnish, Swedish


Around 100 days of summer
June – August, temperatures +15°C – +32°C

Did you know?

Midnight Sun – 24/7 daylight

Summer in Finland is a spectacular time of the year. When nights are almost as light as day it is possible to do all the same things that you would do during the day. A nocturnal swim and sauna is a definite must under the Midnight Sun. Lakes and sea waters warm up from June onwards.

Explore Lakeland Finland – Top 5 things to do

  1. Go Sauna
  2. Swim in a pure Lake
  3. Taste local beer, cider or whiskey
  4. Enjoy a lake cruise
  5. Taste local strawberries

The Lakeland Finland area of Lahti region is all about beautiful lakes and forests – but also busy farmer’s markets, local summer events and authentic Finnish lifestyle & culture.

Nature activities, sports, wellbeing, Nordic urban and local life, wood and industrial design, Nordic flavours, unique villas, manors and cottages by the lake – the Lahti region offers all of these.

Authentic Finnish Sauna
Finland is home to more than 3 million saunas: electric saunas, wood-burning saunas, smoke saunas, peat saunas – you name it! In the Lahti region, we offer a wide range of sauna options, from hotel saunas to cottage saunas, with guidance and food. If you want to explore even more, we recommend traditional Finnish sauna treatments or even sauna yoga.

Nordic Flavours
The local flavours here come from the arctic Finnish environment and four seasons: rhubarb and nettles are the first delicacies to appear in spring, fresh vegetables and fish are served in summer, berries in early autumn and game and mushrooms in late autumn. Wild game and fresh fish can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The Lahti region is famous for its delicious rye bread. Lahti is also home to the large-scale Hartwall brewery as well as several microbreweries. In Lahti, the best tap water in the world is turned into world-class whisky, beer and wine.


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